Behind the Window

my dear diary

Sometimes the life goes on under our eyes, sometimes behind a window…. so, since today I have started a diary and shared it in the metaverse of Second Life.

Because I like virtual environments and the infinite possibility to create in new modes, new paths, and communicate them.

My diary is there, on the table, for me, for my friends, for visitors, for who wishes to enjoy in respect my thoughts and my beach 🙂

Taxi to: Island/51/241/23


In Memory of Nassiriya


Through the window

There’s a big moon in the sky but the rain covers the glasses and the memories… a little seagull louds on a drift, an old chair on the beach…. Remembering of You, all of You, it’s not easy… some days without hope, some days without love.. walking on strange paths, walking on different worlds..

For not Forget, my Friends! …. yes, never forget… and when the flame’ll burn up in thousand of little lights, so yes… our hearts’ll be with You… all of You.
Because of You’re our Heroes… under our Flags, under our values, our honor, we’ll never forget: never!!


Nov. 12 2003 – Nov. 12 2016

For not Forget the Italian Fallen in Nassiriya (Iraq) in the day 12th of November 2003.
Our hearts and our memories are with them and with the Italian Fallen, military and civilians, in peacekeeping missions.




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The Shrine in Mizuho

the shrine at mizuhoThere are large stairs that climb up the mountain to the Temple, in the midst of lush vegetation albeit understated. It is like getting lost in a world in a different time, made up of loyal warriors and cruel criminals, where honor has a large, estimated value and the Gods hear and observe the work of Men.
This is the time of the Samurai and their return.

This picture wants to be a tribute to the honor of the Samurai and the beauty of these virtual places built with simplicity and wisdom from Yasyn Azemus for the rp of Pani in the Japan Edo Period, in the metaverse of Second Life, that you can find in their official website

I’m wearing:
Chop Zuey, Lotus of Rehana
Sakka’s Studio, Uchikake for Princess (water blue )
BooN hair, RHN 435

Maitreya Lara
Lelutka Simone
Glam Affair Liuly (arctic 2)

Pose by PosESion, simple woman

You can visit The Village of Mizuho with an OOC tag at:

Visit this location at The Village of Mizuho in Second Life





A new summer, a new beach

summer beachJust finished to build a new ‪#‎summer‬ beach for relaxing time… land is open and Friends are most welcome!

As house I chose last creation of Lindini2 Lane “L2 Studio Jamaica Beach House”.

And for landscape and decor, in alphabetical order: 8f8 Creations, Apple Fall, aQ creating lifestyles, Ariskea, Atelier Visconti, Bauwerk, Bazar, Botanical, Cozy Homes, Dutch, Dust Bunny, Fancy Decor, GOD, Haikei, HPMD, Ionic, Junk, Kalopsia, Keke, Oyasumi, Soy, Studio Skye, Sway’s, Tarte, Trompe Loeil, We’re Closed, What Next.

So, hope to see u at beach 🙂


Visit this location at Enchanted Dawn Beach in Second Life

Mare Nostrum

mare nostrum

A new exhibit with my reportage during Mare Nostrum Operation of Italian Navy…. someone said: “who saves a life saves all world…”

A photographic reportage from Mare Nostrum Operation with Italian Navy during the rescue of refugees in Mediterranean Sea, June 2014.

Now in metaverse as art installation for remembering whom won the fight against death and don’t forget whom not.


Visit this location at FCP Office Gallery in Second Life


Credits on Flickr:

Dawn in a New Year

dawn in new yearSnow, lots of snow, my thoughts’ going away.. far away… inside  a life full of joy, happiness, love…. so quiet, calm, snow covers all, giving to the world a sense of peace, as a graceful gift from universe and its eternity…

Silvery K, Kimono Hana & umbrella new @ Japonica

Japonica-和物市- EVENT
2015/12/26 0:00(SLT)~2016/01/07

Plants and Decor by Heart Garden

Winter Forest – Sky Dome – Snow Globe


Chun means Spring. The History and the Maison Lybra’s Kimono.

Under SakuraWe saw them in the movie “Curse of the Golden Flower / Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia” , beautiful and tragic fresco of the great Zhang Yimou: gorgeous costumes and beautiful inside pieces of history that the Chinese art director has been able to give the world of film art.

That China’s Tang Dynasty, who reigned supreme in the period 618-907 that brought a period of peace and prosperity by promoting the flourishing of artistic productions and during which the Silk Road was born.

And with fine silks and gems was made in the latest historical creation of the Maison Lybra, between fashion houses followed and interesting in the metaverse of Linden Lab.

Lybra ChunLybra by Lybra Rage produces high quality clothing specialized in elegant and cocktail dresses, now rebranded and offering only original mesh creations.

Lybra Rage is the owner and founder of Maison LYBRA ™.

Q: How about “Chun”?

Lybra Rage: «It is a Chinese kimono based on the Tang Dynasty. I enjoy mixing kimo styles with high fashion and this is the second one I created: the first was for Angelica Carlin and was not released in stores».

Q: Plans for future?

Lybra Rage: «But yes, we do plan to remake it!».


The name 春 ( Chun ) means Spring and !_Lybra_! Chun has the colors of spring, beautiful cherry pink ( sakura in Japanese mood ), in its first release.

Sakura & Chun


!_Lybra_! Chun is also produced in the exclusive release in shades of silver gray and is definitely one of the most beautiful kimono in the fashion history of Second Life.



The Maison Lybra has its new Headquarters at Rue a La Page, a beautiful sim created in Second Life™ as an oasis of tranquility where a little town environment invites you to take a pause and stop by for shopping, taking pictures or enjoy the numerous activities that we offer. ( ac )


Photo by Asia Connell Flickr & LYBRA ™.

I’m wearing:
Lybra, Chun ( exclusive )
Tableau Vivant – Shabby Hair

Pose by Lybra Special Pose

8f8 Creations – Double Young Sakura / Single Young Sakura with beads
Junk – old school tub chair
What Next – Easel


Rue a La Page Official Website

Visit this location at **RUE A LA PAGE** in Second Life


Ita Lang Version / Lingua Italiana

My Gallery is Open!

My Gallery is Open!

I decided to import inworld some artworks of my rl job of some years ago, before my journalist carrier began.

Today, my rl life goes inside and through Human Rights and peace-building… sometimes in sl, too… with many activities..

Anyway…. today I’m happy to have with me, in my concept store, some of my paints that have signed some important points in my life.

“Journey to Wien” is one of them!

… so, I hope to see You here, @ my concept store, for a drink, a cup of tea or a glass of wine… and, why not, for chatting about this incredible and wonderful metaverse that bring us in a creative new world …

Hope to c u ❤


@ New Store

At New Store

Sakura blossom and butterlies for my new store…. and I hope u may come to enjoy my wines and artwork 🙂

Outfit by Gizza – Erika Haltrneck Dress with Eleanor Clutch Bag & T-Strap Heel.

Skin & Makeup by *(OO)*YUKI_Mati;
Hair by *ARGRACE* HAKU .

Sakura by 8f8 Double Young Sakura;
Chandelier by 8f8 Dream Catcher Chandelier.

Butterfly by Julia Hathor.
Magnolia by Keke, lab vase Magnolia.

Pose by Label Motion, Cielo .

Visit this location at Forever Yours Jazz Club and Mall in Second Life

Happy Valentine!

A lovely Lybra

Chie gown is one of my preferred dress, Lybra addict… and Chop Zuey Jewellery with my simple choice of today “Mercy” in gld/blu… Gold & blue for who is falling in love, for who loves from always the same guy, for who changes often or searching a true love 🙂

… so, why not, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and my heart goes to a special blue: my special valentine!

Nero d’Avola: a great sicilian wine!

Nero d'Avola "La Marchesa"For first time in virtual worlds, Nero d’Avola has arrived: with its flavours and intense armonies, in its wide red and fragrance. Scott Carpaccio has created for Us our first wine label “La Marchesa” that we are proud to present you in our garden! You are invited, of course 🙂

And, as I wrote in a comment in my Facebook diary after a couple of likes: «I am convinced that Mr. Zuckerberg in ten years (maybe less) will shift in business in 3D virtual worlds …. we pioneers small, sometimes treated badly, we are building a bridge of communication between the present and the future, bridge today, tomorrow hologram bridge … and that even our Mark knows very well … let’s not forget that yesterday’s fiction and ‘reality’ of today … and I’m glad that friends as Elisa Elisa and as Letizia Gori who do not like a lot of 3D environments have expressed their “like” this post … so ‘, even for them: many worlds, only one soul».

A little secret that I’ll say you in confidential about this wine label…. Yes, I has been inspired by a real person living in Sicily, in the choice of label name: she is a great woman, Marquise Agatina Trigona living in Noto.

Taken at Dereham – Connell Mansion, Victoriana Hedgemaze (104, 28, 33)

Isola Bella is really bella!

Isola BellaWalking around Inworldz I discovered Isola Bella, a beautiful 3D rebuilding of Italian Isola Bella in Lago di Garda.
Hamish Stuart, author of this great and fine creative work, has done an excellent job for beauty and quality… so, it seems to be really in Italy, around these wonderful venues…
From Isola Bella to Villa Adriana, from a typical italian restaurant “da Enzo” to the Greek Theater at Taormina, in Sicily… I walked inside the same spirit, the same soul, sounds and, maybe, fragrances of my land…
So, I can only suggest you to visit them and enjoy… with the same spirit of Goethe and Klee, felt in love for italian beauty!

Lago di Garda, in Italy, has a little wonderful isle, Isola Bella: it was the gift of a king for his wife. In Inworldz Hamish Stuart built it at ONA sim.
Photo Taken at Isola Bella, Ona (124, 159, 21)

Convegno Missioni di Supporto alla Pace

“In Memory of Nassiriya Project– Second Life

Lunedì 18 Novembre 2013, Ore 22 in Italia


“Missioni Internazionali e Diritto Umanitario:

Esperienze a confronto”


Cap. Pierpaolo Sinconi – Arma dei Carabinieri

International Affairs Office Chief

International Law & IHL Chair

Studies and Research Department

CoESPU – Vicenza

Maria Clara Mussa, Giornalista

Direttore Cybernaua InformAction Magazine

Massimo Martini, Giornalista

Direttore Editoriale “Sostenitori Forze dell’Ordine”


Carmela Modica aka Asia Connell

Giornalista e Cons. Qualificato DIU Pers. Civ. Mil.

E’ Intervenuto:

Vicesindaco di Rosolini, Dott. Salvo Latino

Evento Patrocinato dal Comune di Rosolini ( SR ), Assessorato alla Cultura.

Si ringrazia il Comando Generale dell’Arma dei Carabinieri per l’autorizzazione concessa.

When fashion lives in metaverse life: my wonderful wedding in virtual world

Gizza Creations Neva dress
Gizza Creations Neva dress

My marriage and its organization has led me to discover more about the world of fashion in sl: I must confess that I had been totally fascinated by the beauty and variety of creations.
Increasingly the metaverse established itself as virtual platform of the new trends and its brand as very real fashion houses.

Wedding has been celebrated in Antiquity, a victorian community where I lived some years ago and where I owned a few of sims.

From Mont Saint Bruno, in its baroque cathedral, to the square of Bexar, from a private Patio in Carribean, to the more european Loire gardens, together our guests we have danced, chatted, eating, in different styles with a live concert of the italian singer Orny Forcella, French Court dances, up to final fireworks in Texas.

Around sims by gondolas, it has been a joy to share celebrations with friends inside a wedding of 5 hours and half 🙂

…. and I wish to thank all my friends for being with me!

Wedding photos at url:


Io sto con i Marò.

maro'_free_001L’iniziativa dei Memoriali in ambiente virtuale in ricordo dei Caduti Italiani a Nassiriya il 12 novembre 2003 e di tutti i Caduti Italiani, militari e civili, nelle missioni di supporto alla pace, per il ritorno in Italia di Massimiliano Latorre e Salvatore Girone, i due maro’ ingiustamente trattenuti in India ed ingiustamente li’ rimandati, a dispregio del diritto internazionale e dell’amor di Patria. Massimiliano e Salvatore liberi subito!

One more year in my special bday 2012.

bithday_001     … sotto l’albero della pace ed in compagnia di suoni natalizi, un piccolissimo giardino d’inverno a fianco del memoriale… perche’ e’ con alcuni amici tra loro, il cui ricordo rimarra’ sempre nel mio cuore e nella mia mente, che adesso vorrei, assieme a voi, condividere questo giorno…

So… per chi volesse condividere con me una fetta di torta di compleanno, e visto che il virtuale abbatte le barriere dello spazio-tempo, vi invito a farlo al seguente slurl:
Io ci saro’ in tarda serata … ma la torta e’ gia’ pronta e fruibile :))

In Memory of Nassiriya 12 nov.2003 / 12 nov. 2012

nassiriya 2003 / 2012Cerimonia in ricordo dei Caduti Italiani a Nassiriya il 12 novembre 2003 e di tutti i Caduti Italiani, militari e civili, nelle missioni internazionali di supporto alla pace.

Dalle ore 21.00 sara’ possibile deporre dei fiori e candele all’altare del Memoriale e/o alle tombe dei nostri cari che hanno dato la loro vita per la causa della Pace.


Inoltre sara’ possibile visitare il Memoriale dedicato al ricordo dei 19 Italiani vittime della strage terroristica del 12 novembre 2003 a Nassiriya.


Ceremony in memory of the Italian fallen in peacekeeping missions, on the occasion of the9th anniversary of Nassiriya attack, 12 november 2003, when 19 italians died at Carabinieri Headquarters in Nassiriya, during Antica Babilionia mission.

Sperimentazioni Virtuali… Arriva la Mayo!

La Mayo Clinic ha aperto un suo headquarters in Second life. L’ammiraglia dei centri ospedalieri e di ricerca degli States è approdata alla piattaforma 3D della Linden Lab con ben 3 sim di cui solo una aperta al pubblico. Le altre due saranno utilizzate per nuove forme di sperimentazione interattiva tra reale e virtuale.

La Mayo Clinic ha atteso qualche anno prima di intraprendere la sua scelta alla quale, però, non si e’ sottratta accettando la sfida già intrapresa da università di prestigio come la Harvard e da centri di ricerca come la fondazione Sbarro che è stata tra i pionieri della sperimentazione nel metaverso della Linden Lab.Il DOD, Dipartimento della Difesa degli USA, è presente in second life con un progetto complesso, di cui le 5 sim sono la punta dell’iceberg, già da alcuni anni. Continua a leggere

Memoriale per i Caduti a Nassiriya il 12 Novembre 2003: verso il nono anniversario…

memorial in haean

Si va verso la data del 12 novembre e, nel nono anniversario della strage di Nassiriya, un grazie speciale va a Franz Quan, avatar in second life, che con la sua sensibilita’ e il suo lavoro di builder ha donato un monumento uguale al precedente ma piu’ leggero, consentendo di risparmiare spazio e poter cosi’ adornare con piu’ fiori questo nostro luogo del ricordo!

Continua a leggere

IN MEMORY OF NASSIRIYA: 12 NOV. 2003 – 12 NOV. 2011

nassiriya memorial“We Italian people, women and men, will never forget our terrorism victims in Nassiriya and want remember those 19 men that died in a day of november, and their family and their women”.

We wish to remember all our Italian Fallen in peace support operations, civilian and military, their courage, their sacrifice.

We never forget!

This year not a ceremony, but two days of remembrance from 12 to 13 November.

Who wishes to give a prayer, a thought or a salute to our Fallen can do it at slurl: