Behind the Window

my dear diary

Sometimes the life goes on under our eyes, sometimes behind a window…. so, since today I have started a diary and shared it in the metaverse of Second Life.

Because I like virtual environments and the infinite possibility to create in new modes, new paths, and communicate them.

My diary is there, on the table, for me, for my friends, for visitors, for who wishes to enjoy in respect my thoughts and my beach ūüôā

Taxi to: Island/51/241/23


In Memory of Nassiriya


Through the window

There’s a big moon in the sky but the rain covers the glasses and the memories… a little seagull louds on a drift, an old chair on the beach…. Remembering of You, all of You, it’s not easy… some days without hope, some days without love.. walking on strange paths, walking on different worlds..

For not Forget, my Friends! …. yes, never forget… and when the flame’ll burn up in thousand of little lights, so yes… our hearts’ll be with You… all of You.
Because of You’re our Heroes… under our Flags, under our values, our honor, we’ll never forget: never!!


Nov. 12 2003 – Nov. 12 2016

For not Forget the Italian Fallen in Nassiriya (Iraq) in the day 12th of November 2003.
Our hearts and our memories are with them and with the Italian Fallen, military and civilians, in peacekeeping missions.




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The Shrine in Mizuho

the shrine at mizuhoThere are large stairs that climb up the mountain to the Temple, in the midst of lush vegetation albeit understated. It is like getting lost in a world in a different time, made up of loyal warriors and cruel criminals, where honor has a large, estimated value and the Gods hear and observe the work of Men.
This is the time of the Samurai and their return.

This picture wants to be a tribute to the honor of the Samurai and the beauty of these virtual places built with simplicity and wisdom from Yasyn Azemus for the rp of Pani in the Japan Edo Period, in the metaverse of Second Life, that you can find in their official website

I’m wearing:
Chop Zuey, Lotus of Rehana
Sakka’s Studio, Uchikake for Princess (water blue )
BooN hair, RHN 435

Maitreya Lara
Lelutka Simone
Glam Affair Liuly (arctic 2)

Pose by PosESion, simple woman

You can visit The Village of Mizuho with an OOC tag at:

Visit this location at The Village of Mizuho in Second Life





A new summer, a new beach

summer beachJust finished to build a new ‚Ä™#‚Äésummer‚Ĩ beach for relaxing time… land is open and Friends are most welcome!

As house I chose last creation of Lindini2 Lane¬†“L2 Studio Jamaica Beach House”.

And for landscape and decor, in alphabetical order:¬†8f8 Creations,¬†Apple Fall,¬†aQ creating lifestyles,¬†Ariskea, Atelier Visconti,¬†Bauwerk,¬†Bazar,¬†Botanical, Cozy Homes, Dutch,¬†Dust Bunny,¬†Fancy Decor, GOD, Haikei, HPMD, Ionic, Junk,¬†Kalopsia,¬†Keke,¬†Oyasumi,¬†Soy,¬†Studio Skye, Sway’s, Tarte, Trompe Loeil,¬†We’re Closed,¬†What Next.

So, hope to see u at beach ūüôā


Visit this location at Enchanted Dawn Beach in Second Life

Mare Nostrum

mare nostrum

A new exhibit with my reportage during Mare Nostrum Operation of Italian Navy…. someone said: “who saves a life saves all world…”

A photographic reportage from Mare Nostrum Operation with Italian Navy during the rescue of refugees in Mediterranean Sea, June 2014.

Now in metaverse as art installation for remembering whom won the fight against death and don’t forget whom not.


Visit this location at FCP Office Gallery in Second Life


Credits on Flickr: