Chun means Spring. The History and the Maison Lybra’s Kimono.

Under SakuraWe saw them in the movie “Curse of the Golden Flower / Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia” , beautiful and tragic fresco of the great Zhang Yimou: gorgeous costumes and beautiful inside pieces of history that the Chinese art director has been able to give the world of film art.

That China’s Tang Dynasty, who reigned supreme in the period 618-907 that brought a period of peace and prosperity by promoting the flourishing of artistic productions and during which the Silk Road was born.

And with fine silks and gems was made in the latest historical creation of the Maison Lybra, between fashion houses followed and interesting in the metaverse of Linden Lab.

Lybra ChunLybra by Lybra Rage produces high quality clothing specialized in elegant and cocktail dresses, now rebranded and offering only original mesh creations.

Lybra Rage is the owner and founder of Maison LYBRA ™.

Q: How about “Chun”?

Lybra Rage: «It is a Chinese kimono based on the Tang Dynasty. I enjoy mixing kimo styles with high fashion and this is the second one I created: the first was for Angelica Carlin and was not released in stores».

Q: Plans for future?

Lybra Rage: «But yes, we do plan to remake it!».


The name 春 ( Chun ) means Spring and !_Lybra_! Chun has the colors of spring, beautiful cherry pink ( sakura in Japanese mood ), in its first release.

Sakura & Chun


!_Lybra_! Chun is also produced in the exclusive release in shades of silver gray and is definitely one of the most beautiful kimono in the fashion history of Second Life.



The Maison Lybra has its new Headquarters at Rue a La Page, a beautiful sim created in Second Life™ as an oasis of tranquility where a little town environment invites you to take a pause and stop by for shopping, taking pictures or enjoy the numerous activities that we offer. ( ac )


Photo by Asia Connell Flickr & LYBRA ™.

I’m wearing:
Lybra, Chun ( exclusive )
Tableau Vivant – Shabby Hair

Pose by Lybra Special Pose

8f8 Creations – Double Young Sakura / Single Young Sakura with beads
Junk – old school tub chair
What Next – Easel


Rue a La Page Official Website

Visit this location at **RUE A LA PAGE** in Second Life


Ita Lang Version / Lingua Italiana



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