Nero d’Avola: a great sicilian wine!

Nero d'Avola "La Marchesa"For first time in virtual worlds, Nero d’Avola has arrived: with its flavours and intense armonies, in its wide red and fragrance. Scott Carpaccio has created for Us our first wine label “La Marchesa” that we are proud to present you in our garden! You are invited, of course 🙂

And, as I wrote in a comment in my Facebook diary after a couple of likes: «I am convinced that Mr. Zuckerberg in ten years (maybe less) will shift in business in 3D virtual worlds …. we pioneers small, sometimes treated badly, we are building a bridge of communication between the present and the future, bridge today, tomorrow hologram bridge … and that even our Mark knows very well … let’s not forget that yesterday’s fiction and ‘reality’ of today … and I’m glad that friends as Elisa Elisa and as Letizia Gori who do not like a lot of 3D environments have expressed their “like” this post … so ‘, even for them: many worlds, only one soul».

A little secret that I’ll say you in confidential about this wine label…. Yes, I has been inspired by a real person living in Sicily, in the choice of label name: she is a great woman, Marquise Agatina Trigona living in Noto.

Taken at Dereham – Connell Mansion, Victoriana Hedgemaze (104, 28, 33)



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