Without my avatar…..

Avatar finally! Zeus, Connell Island – Finally I’ve my avatar again! 🙂
After 15 hours without.. a terrible experience in Second Life…. After to have introduce yesterday evening the great fashion show of Anubis Hartunian by Anubis Style, in Royal Poinciana, around 1.30 am in Italy, and 4.30 am SLT my avatar became grey… absolutely grey and not able to use inventory and gestures and teleport…
And with my second life that crashed every moment with a window that explained me that I didn’t can to log in up to a certain hour…. yes, a terrible experience when u spend ur money and ur job also in a virtual world!
But, what was the issues? I don’t know up to now… but after lots of my crash reports and some emails to inworld support of Linden Lab, and after 15 hours of troubles (my avatar remained naked in world, too 😮 )… my avatar – that is miss Asia Connell 🙂 – returned to her best form (as u can see in pict )…
Maybe a change of the server where Asia Connell is? With the usual bugs that a change of server means?
I don’t know really, but I can imagine that it isn’t a simple thing for Linden Lab to manage a world of more tha 6 millions of avatars building…
but I think that’s the bet! to make a virtual world for all and working in a good way…
so, I hope well for future and for my sweet avatar – hoping never more grey 🙂



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