Whose the sea is? a letter to people in world…

Flag on my beach … oh sure… the question is real not only in a real world… in second life, for example, we have a rule…. in dreamland there was a rule: sea is for all, sea is of all… BUT….
After some months…. sea is closed, lands are closed, not only house, but also sea and sky…
And the question is:
«Is this the world that we want?»
A world where u can think about money and to do money, but not more where u can fly in freedom and sailing in freedom…. so… is this the second life that we want?
A world where, when u want a boat u buy a boat.. but where u cannot use it coz sea is closed by all owners…
Why, so may I ask, why gentle owners u feel this impulse to close sea and sky? U, owners, have never thought about a real world where u cannot walk around coz u are ejected far away?
No, dear governor Linden and dearest owners, this isn’t a good way to make a new world!
Hoping in better,
yours Connell



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